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January 3, 2023

Fifteen drives active travel with new Bike-Sharing app

By Fifteen
Fifteen, which provides turnkey e-bike rental solutions for cities of all sizes, is further enhancing the user experience by launching a new version of its eBike bike-sharing application.

This white-label app is already available to local authorities who Fifteen partners with via brands such as levélo (Aix-Marseille-Provence, France), Vilvolt (Epinal, France), and soon to be in Gijon, Spain. Discover the new features of this iOS and Android app which promises to get even more people riding.

A five-star rated bike-sharing app

Fifteen designs intuitive and enjoyable rental experiences to make people want to cycle on a daily basis. This applies to all elements, from electric bikes, to stations, to the pick-up and drop-off experience.

The Fifteen bike share app is set apart by its simplicity, speed and valuable features such as integrated GPS guidance.

The high ratings of the app powered by Fifteen (minimum rating of 4.6/5) reflect our obsession with customer satisfaction. Users are invited to rate their experience at the end of each journey, helping Fifteen improve their experience.

With this new version of the bike-sharing app, Fifteen wants to go even further to make the use of bike-sharing schemes easier.

5 Steps to Launch a Bike-Sharing Service in Your City

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What's new in the Fifteen bike share app

Jump on a bike quicker and with ease

As with any new service, getting to grips with a new bike-sharing scheme can seem complicated. The Fifteen app includes a series of tutorials that guide users through each stage of their bike-sharing experience. 

Not sure how it works? A tutorial giving a general overview of how the service works is in the app. View it at any time via the main menu. How do you detach a bike from the station? How do you end your rental? The Fifteen application guides users through all of this step by step.

90% of users say it's easy to use the bike services powered by Fifteen. What if we aim for 99%?

In-app tutorial, here to easily unlock the bike from the station

Quick unlocking and route calculation

Like Google Maps, the Fifteen app allows you to calculate a door-to-door route combining walking and bike sharing. Enter your destination, view the journey information (distance to travel, estimated time) and book your bike.

For those in a hurry, or if you're already at the station, the app also allows you to unlock a bike directly.

The Fifteen bike share app calculates a complete route for the user
To unlock an electric bike with the Fifteen app, scan the QR code or enter the bike number

Find your way across town easily

In bike sharing, having "freedom" is not to be overlooked. You’re free to rent a bike anywhere, anytime. Free to follow the routes you know by heart. Free also, if you are less familiar, to activate the GPS guidance directly in the Fifteen bike-share application. 

And if you change your mind and your destination on the way, you are free to do so. The GPS guidance function, which is easily accessible from the user's cockpit view, focuses on following cycle paths.

The GPS function is often valued by new users of bike-sharing schemes and those who don’t know the area well
Unlocking a city shared-bike with a transport card is very popular with public transport users

Linking a transport card

At Fifteen we believe in the intermodal potential of cycling, and in particular bike sharing. An intermodal journey is a journey made up of multiple modes of transport, for example trains and bikes.

Fifteen makes life easier for public transport users as they can use their transport card as a key to unlock a bike. Once a user has an account in a Fifteen bike share app, they can register their transport card, and use it immediately to unlock a bike and start riding.

New communication options

A change in habits must be supported. Fifteen already offers its partners the ability to send automated and manual communications to bike-share users via email and push notifications. Now it is possible to send messages, such as special offers, directly within the app.

Pop-up, banners: the Fifteen bike-share application offers new communication spaces for users

Customer satisfaction, absolutely key for the success of a bike-sharing scheme

To be successful, a bike share application must be easy, fun to use, and engaging. Most importantly, it is the most valuable way for a provider like Fifteen to track user satisfaction and continually offer new features that will enhance people’s bike-sharing experience. 

By working with Fifteen, residents are guaranteed the very best in hardware, with electric bikes with compact charging stations designed to be loved, as well as continuous software improvements. Fifteen's engineering teams offer the fastest software upgrade in the cycle industry.

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