Bikes at train stations

Encouraging train use

The bike and the train are the most effective means of transport for decarbonising our mobility. A large part of the population lives less than 10 kilometres from a train station, so setting up shared bike rental services in stations – just like the increase in the supply of parking for personal bikes – is an essential lever for developing intermodality.

This is the number of shared bikes available at all train stations in the Netherlands. Every day, 29% of the Dutch population travel by bike.

Fifteen technologies boost train-bike intermodality

An established self-service system

Fifteen's bike rental services for train stations are the product of more than 15 years of experience with bikeshare systems and an ultra-compact parking infrastructure. In principle, bike rental services at train stations are closed-loop, self-service systems: the user rents a bike for a specific period of time, one day or more, and the bike is collected from and returned to the same station.

Fifteen stations

A pleasant and intuitive experience

Users can rent a bike in seconds using the dedicated mobile app or a transport card. Fifteen's electric bikes are extremely easy to use thanks to their gearless, ergonomic and premium features.

The Fifteen user experience

Integration with MaaS applications

Fifteen's station-based bike rental services are accessible via a dedicated app, but can also be integrated with local, regional, and national transport apps. This allows users to switch from train to bike, and vice versa, in a single interface.

Bikes at train stations

Some references

Greater Paris

Intermodality with regional trains
500 electric bikes, rent per trip or per month
50 stations

Since 2019

Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (France)

Intermodality with regional trains
160 electric bikes, rent per trip or per day
25 stations

Since 2023

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