Grow your bike sharing skills

7 Essential User Acquisition Strategies

McKinsey models predict that the micromobility industry will be a $300 billion to $500 billion market by 2030. It's time to get your slice of the pie.

5 Steps to Launch a Bike-Sharing Service in Your City

More and more medium-sized cities are becoming interested in bike-sharing. Here's our guide to building a successful scheme.

9 Ways to Boost User Retention in Micromobility

If you're an operator looking to improve user retention and loyalty, this one's for you! Here are 9 concrete ways to boost user retention with real-life examples.

The Ultimate Guide to Profitability in Micromobility

Times have changed. The ‘pursue growth at all costs’ model is no longer viable. Micromobility companies must chase profitability from day one. Maybe even beforehand.

6 Things to Consider when Choosing a Hardware Partner

It has never been easier to launch fleets of shared electric bikes, scooters or mopeds. But it's still easy to make costly mistakes.

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