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Electric bike sharing and long term rental for cities

Fifteen enables cities of all sizes to provide universal access to active travel. Our fully integrated, customisable offer for short and long-term bike rental accelerates the modal shift away from cars. Painless to implement and operate.

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Launching a bike network with Fifteen means offering a credible and sustainable alternative to cars. And the benefits are countless.

Cut CO2 emissions, for real

On average, one kilometre travelled on a Fifteen shared bike saves 66g of CO2. With a fleet of 250 shared electric bikes, CO2 emission savings easily exceed 50 tons per year.

Improve health, even while riding electric

Replacing car trips with bike journeys directly tackles sedentary lifestyles. According to the NHS, regular cycling can reduce the risk of a number of serious illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Provide equal access to mobility

Bike networks powered by Fifteen appeal as much to women as to men, as much to younger and older generations. Installed to serve entire communities, even in less dense areas, they quickly become a habit for everyone.

5 Steps to Launch a Bike-Sharing Service in Your City

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Explore how Fifteen helps cities transform themselves

From towns of a few thousand to cities of millions


Pinpoint your needs

What works in the capital or in the next town over may not be right for you. Our urban planning experts use a scientific approach based on open data, a scoring method and our experiences around the world to design a bike service that will bring the best results to your city.

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Delight users

To drive lasting change, the most important thing is to deliver an exceptional experience. Don't compromise on quality: combine a fun, high-performance electric bike with an intuitive pick-up and drop-off experience, with or without a smartphone.

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Ensure 5-star performance

Nothing frustrates users more than coming across a bike that has low battery or is in poor condition. Thanks to the fleet's 24/7 connectivity and our Fifteen Control management platform, the operator is always one step ahead of maintenance and rebalancing needs. And the bikes always respond.

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Make them into cyclists, for longer

Fifteen offers unique features to keep bike users loyal and encourage them to go keep riding, thanks to in-app notifications or email campaigns at key moments.

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Measure and optimise

With Fifteen Analytics, gather data on the usage of the bike sharing scheme and identify concrete areas for improvement (e.g. fleet distribution or station installation). Discover the main routes that users take and monitor road conditions to ensure the quality of the cycling infrastructure.

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“Fifteen's solution takes little space and is easy to install. It is therefore quick and inexpensive to deploy, without sacrificing anything on the user experience.”

Thomas Peignard
Mobility Director, City of Epinal


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