BlogKINTO, the shared mobility subsidiary of Toyota, gets into electric bike sharing with Fifteen
February 14, 2024

KINTO, the shared mobility subsidiary of Toyota, gets into electric bike sharing with Fifteen

By Fifteen
Since late 2023, KINTO has made available 600 shared electric bikes to residents and visitors of Copenhagen. After an extensive selection process, the Fifteen Fusion electric bike was chosen for its comfort, manoeuvrability, and connectivity, which facilitates fleet management. The service is operated by KINTO under a permit granted by the city. This service relies on a system of virtual stations that requires users to park their bikes at predetermined locations set by the city.

Fifteen for KINTO: a full-service B2B offering

In 2019, Toyota launched KINTO, a new brand dedicated to shared mobility. Primarily focused on car-sharing, with activities in several cities including Copenhagen, Aalborg, and Valenciennes, KINTO is now also venturing into active mobility with electric bike sharing.

To benefit from the expertise developed by Fifteen over more than 15 years, Kinto has opted for the All-in-one offering: KINTO electric bikes are managed directly through the Fifteen Control management system and accessible to users via Fifteen's white-label mobile application.


KINTO Share, in brief:

  • 600 Fifteen Fusion electric bikes
  • 1400 virtual stations
  • Operated by KINTO Denmark

Choosing quality

With 4 other micromobility operators already present in Copenhagen, KINTO chooses to stand out through quality.

To launch its bike sharing activity, KINTO takes a different approach from most micromobility operators by opting for a lighter bike, which is comfortable and assembled in Europe.
Benoit Yameundjeu,
CEO of Fifteen

Key features of the Fifteen Fusion electric bike:

  • Aluminium frame with low step-through
  • Automatic electric assistance without gears
  • Tamper-proof lock directly in the motor
  • 24/7 GPS connectivity and faut self-diagnosis
Fifteen Fusion electric bike with KINTO branding

User feedback confirms KINTO's quality positioning, with an average satisfaction rate of 86% after 3 months of activity in Copenhagen.

Helsinki, Copenhagen: Fifteen expands its impact in the Nordic countries

Fifteen is no stranger to the Nordic countries. Since 2016, Fifteen has provided technologies (bikes, stations, software) for the public bike-sharing system in the cities of Helsinki and Espoo. Despite hibernating from December to April, this service is increasingly used year after year.

Helsinki's Fifteen-powered service, in brief:

  • 4500 Fifteen Light M mechanical bikes
  • 455 physical stations
  • Operation and maintenance by CityBike Finland
Helsinki's public bike sharing scheme, powered by Fifteen

Fifteen: technologies operable by all

Today, Fifteen's technologies are used by operators of all kinds in a wide variety of services, whether for short or long-term rentals, whether public or private, with or without stations.

Among the operators using Fifteen's technologies, we find:

  • Specialist bike service operators like Vélogik or Inurba
  • Public transport operators like RATP Dev or Transdev
  • Shared mobility operators like KINTO
  • Public agencies dedicated to managing the bike-sharing system of their metropolis or urban area

Augmented Bike Networks: The new era of bike sharing.

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Fifteen's technologies are used in such diverse settings thanks to their flexibility, the wide variety of uses they enable (bike-sharing, long-term rental, train-bike intermodality...), and the quality of support provided by Fifteen's operational teams to partners, from training to operational ramp-up.

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