Electric bike-sharing, short-term rental

Fully-fledged public transport

A real incentive for people to get back in the saddle – bike-sharing has only been available in large cities for too long now. For the first time, Fifteen is making the highest performing bike-sharing system available to all areas.

236 km
Users of electric bike-sharing systems drive 236 kilometres less per month
French Agency for Ecological Transition

Technologies that change everything

The electric bike, so many benefits

Local authorities have a new weapon and it's called the electric bike. Attracting a wider range of users to cycling, it is used more frequently and for longer distances. In short, it is becoming the new consensus for shared bike fleets.

The Fifteen bike

Lightweight infrastructure

In order for bike-sharing to be installed everywhere, the bikes needed to be efficient and the bike parking areas had to become affordable. Fifteen has achieved this by offering the most lightweight parking and charging infrastructure in the world. Without the slightest compromise on fleet security thanks to connectivity and software.

Fifteen stations

Access via smartphone – it's so easy

Fifteen systems come with one of the most popular bike-sharing apps on the App Store and Play Store, customised to the colours of the city or operator. On request, we can also provide options for users who cannot access digital technology.

Fifteen User experience
Bike-sharing, short-term rental

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24000 bikes
1400 stations

Since 2017


2000 electric bikes
200 stations

Since 2022


5600 bikes
565 stations

Since 2016


250 bikes
35 stations

Since 2021


2500 bikes
250 stations

Since 2019


60 bikes
11 stations

Since 2021

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5 Steps to Launch a Bike-Sharing Service in Your City

More and more medium-sized cities are becoming interested in bike-sharing. Here's our guide to building a successful scheme.

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