BlogCitiesIn the Paris region, Fifteen introduces the first all-in-one bike-sharing service, offering pay-per-ride, daily, and monthly rentals.
February 1, 2024

In the Paris region, Fifteen introduces the first all-in-one bike-sharing service, offering pay-per-ride, daily, and monthly rentals.

By Camille Delattre
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In Paris, Fifteen has been supplying mechanical and electric bikes for Vélib’, the capital’s landmark bike-sharing scheme, since 2017. Another service in the region is capturing people’s attention: Zoov.

Zoov is an innovative bike-sharing service—an Augmented Bike Network—launched in 2019 in Paris-Saclay, in the southern part of the Île-de-France region. This is where Fifteen introduces its latest hardware and software innovations before bringing them to market. 

Zoov is kicking off 2024 with a bang. After enabling people to rent an electric bike from station to station (traditional bike-sharing style) or to rent their own electric bike on a monthly basis (long-term rental) in self-serve mode through an app, Zoov is enhancing its services by installing bike sharing stations at a number of regional train stations and introducing a new daily rental option

The Augmented Bike Network by Fifteen: 
Rent a bike anywhere, anytime, and for any duration through a mobile application.

With Zoov, and any bike sharing scheme powered by Fifteen, it is possible to rent an electric bike for the duration of your choice:

  • For a journey, for trips from station to station
  • Up to 12 consecutive hours ("daily"), from any electric bike sharing station
  • Monthly, from these same bike sharing stations or through delivery

In total, more than 50 electric bike stations cover the area.

The rental offers for journeys and daily use are accessible through the Zoov mobile application (iOS, Android), while long-term rental is available through the dedicated Zoov Life application (iOS, Android).

At Fifteen, we believe in simplifying and streamlining the rental experience through digital means, to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of cycling, perhaps leading to a continued practice with the purchase of their own bike.
Benoit Yameundjeu,
CEO of Fifteen

Complementary offers to capture a maximum number of journeys.

Zoov is the first service that brings together, along a key train line, the three major modes of electric bike rentals. With these three offers, Zoov addresses a significant portion of transportation needs in the area, whether for door-to-door or intermodality.

Daily rentals from regional train stations (RER) allow travelers coming from a distance to use an electric bike to cover the last kilometers to their destination and then return.

In this regard, Zoov proposes:

  • A special subscription that allows public transport subscribers to use the daily rental service unlimitedly for €15 per month.
  • The possibility to unlock electric bikes using the public transport card (Navigo).

The launch of this special intermodality offer aligns with the operations conducted by Fifteen, in collaboration with railway operator RATP, to encourage intermodality with public transportation.

5 Steps to Launch a Bike-Sharing Service in Your City

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Fifteen aims to convert populations en masse to cycling through bike sharing.

Even with the greatest willingness, transitioning to cycling is not always straightforward. For individuals committed to the idea, several weeks often pass between searching for rental or purchase offers and actually using a service or their own bike.

Fifteen's objective is to enable as many communities as possible to amplify the reach and usefulness of their public bike sharing services. To achieve this, Fifteen offers:

  • A turnkey solution, the Augmented Bike Network, allowing all communities to offer one, several, or all rental options within a single service.
  • A modern user experience via a mobile application that allows the user to rent an electric bike in just a few minutes, including for long-term use.
  • A comfortable, easy-to-handle, and customizable electric bike, designed and assembled in Europe.
  • Compact stations that are installed as close as possible to high-demand areas, such as near train stations, bus stops, etc.
When we consider long-term rentals, we often assume that personal assistance is necessary. However, our experiences providing electric bikes in the Paris region and other cities like Auxerre show that users are willing to independently sign up for long-term rental offers. They still appreciate guidance, but it's the application's user-friendly experience that takes the lead.
Benoit Yameundjeu ,
CEO of Fifteen

The outer suburbs and peri-urban territories, serious playgrounds for decarbonizing mobility.

In France, greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector only decreased by 1.8% in the first 9 months of 2023. This is less than the average across all measured sectors in France (-4.6%).

Cycling is an immediate way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and a paradigm shift is necessary in the offerings provided by communities to introduce cycling as a daily mode of transportation to a wider audience. With EU and local funds, funding is available to establish a new generation of public bike sharing services: services with more diverse, more efficient offerings, deployed on larger territorial scales.
Benoit Yameundjeu ,
CEO of Fifteen

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