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The electric bike, by Fifteen

Fifteen has created the first bike-sharing system that allows any length of rental. Local communities of any size can therefore offer cycling services to suit their area and promote daily bike discovery for all citizens.

Rent from a few minutes to several months

Progressive electric assistance, powerful brakes

Geolocation and embedded anti-theft technology

Compatible with the world's most lightweight station

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Short and long term rentals

You just choose and the Fifteen electric bike will do the rest.

Auxerre (France)


Self-service short- and long-term rentals

From 2023, the Auxerrois Conurbation will offer its inhabitants a network of self-service electric bikes available to rent for one-off trips or to book for private use for several months.

Electric bike stations have been installed in all the conurbation's towns to give residents fully independent access to this mobility option, at any time.

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (France)


Short and medium term rentals, at train stations and in town centres

Based on a model which has seen the bike achieve 29% of modal share in the Netherlands, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is seeking to go further by offering passengers on the TER Royan-Angoulême line a low-carbon mobility solution for the initial and final phases of their journeys.

This is even better than in the Netherlands as the bikes are electric bikes and pick-ups and drop-offs are all managed independently through a mobile app.

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Marseille (France)


Self-service electric bikes, short-term rental

The Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis (AMP) is very ambitious to develop active transport modes in its area.

So when it was upgrading its self-service cycling provision, AMP made clear choices: wider coverage, more stations, electric bikes only and a modern rental experience.

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Soon to be deployed


Self-service electric bikes, long-term rental

Long-term rental options have proved highly effective in less densely populated areas.

With the Fifteen electric bike and a lightweight self-service terminal, smaller urban areas can offer electric bikes for long-term rental, with minimal operational management.

Permanent connectivity

The daily management of Fifteen's fleets of electric vehicles is easier thanks to their embedded connectivity and the Fifteen Control operational management platform.

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A new information source for towns and cities

With more than 50 measurement points, electric bikes in use generate a mass of valuable data for town planners, ranging from monitoring the most popular routes to analyses of road surface quality.

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Which Fifteen electric bike service will you use?

Short and long-term rental


Short-term rental

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the Fifteen electric bike for?

Fifteen's any duration electric bike rental services target communities of all sizes and transport operators who are keen to provide an electric bike rental service in a local area. The services supported by the Fifteen electric bike work with and without stations, for short-, medium- and long-term rentals.

Find out how many cities and towns, such as Marseille and Epinal in France, and Gijon in Spain, are using the Fifteen electric bike to develop active mobility in their areas.

Can I offer the Fifteen electric bike to the residents of my town?

Fifteen powers public bike rental services in more than 30 cities in France and worldwide. Our mission is to support as many communities as possible, whatever their size, in their transition to lower carbon mobility. Whether your city has a few thousand or several million inhabitants, with Fifteen technology you can provide access to active mobility for all your citizens. Depending on its size, a bike service can be managed by the local authority, in partnership with a local service provider or it can be delegated to the public transport operator.

Do you manage the organisation of mobility in a local authority? Find out how to work with Fifteen to build a bike service that will deliver the best results in your area.

I am an operator – can I deploy the Fifteen electric bike?

Fifteen works with the most demanding operators to offer bike rental services in as many areas as possible. The electric bike offers Fifteen's partner operators a full software suite for efficient fleet management, the guarantee of a high quality of service and excellent profitability.

Are you an operator? Find out how to work with Fifteen to offer the best quality service with the electric bike.

I want to set up an electric bike rental service in my town. How do I go about it?

Are you thinking about an electric bike rental service for your area? Excellent idea! The French Ecological Transition Agency estimates that cycling services save at least 236 km of car journeys per user each month in France.

To take your project forward, have a look at our 5-step guide on how to launch a self-service bike service in your city. We also recommend the Fifteen blog.

If you prefer, you can also make an appointment to discuss your project with our team.

How much does a fleet of Fifteen electric bikes cost?

Fifteen bike rental project budgets are analysed on a case-by-case basis. If you have a project outline in mind, why not tell us about it right now?

Can the Fifteen electric bike be used without charging stations?

With geolocation, continuous connectivity and a removable battery, the Fifteen electric bike can be operated with and without charging stations. For reasons of operational efficiency, Fifteen recommends lightweight charging stations with the capacity to charge up to 10 electric bikes on the equivalent of a single car parking space. If there are no charging stations, the operator can replace the batteries directly in the field and ensure tidy parking thanks to the creation of virtual charging stations directly in the Fifteen Control management interface.

Is the Fifteen e-bike also suitable for long-term rental?

The Fifteen electric bike is the first bike available for any duration of rental, from a few minutes to several months, from a self-service station or, if the local authorities wishes, from an agency, for long-term rental only. This multi-purpose electric bike offers the advantage that it can meet all needs, from occasional to regular uses, in a way that is easily readable by users. It also means that the local authority or operator only has a single fleet to maintain.

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