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March 22, 2023

Fifteen Analytics, performance tracking and city intelligence

By Fifteen
Installing bike-sharing infrastructure is just the first step. Ensuring that the service performs, understanding usage, and using this data to improve the cyclability of the area must be the real objective.

Fifteen Analytics was born out of a simple observation: "classic" bike-sharing services do not allow cities to understand how people use bike-sharing. Where do users go? How far do they travel? How fast do they use the service? What can be done to improve the cyclability of an area? These are all questions that remain unanswered. Fifteen Analytics aggregates data generated by our connected bikes and isolates key information to provide clear answers to all these questions. This software provides the necessary hindsight and arguments to make major decisions that will have a lasting impact on the success of a bike-sharing service and the cyclability of an area.

Analyse the performances of your bike-sharing service

Whatever the type of service, whether we are talking about long-term rental, short-term rental, a service with physical or even virtual stations, it is essential to have a means of analysing the performances of the service long-term. This is important for making the right adjustments to the initial choices of setting up a bike-sharing scheme, but also on issues such as pricing and subscriptions. With Fifteen Analytics, you can choose any period to analyse from the launch of the service to the present day. Among many other useful insights, this will give you an in-depth understanding of the seasonality of cycling in your area, as well as the day-to-day usage periods.

Track revenues accurately 

The investments to set up a bike-sharing service in your area are significant and it is essential to set up rates that will not only generate profits but will also limit the remaining costs for the community. 

Fifteen Analytics gives you a detailed window into your service's revenues. Navigate through numerous indicators such as revenue per kilometres travelled, revenue per bike per day, or the distribution by month of the amounts invoiced. Benefit as well from pre-generated charts and trackers allowing you to analyse the evolutions over the selected period. 

Understand usage

The development of connected and data-generating eBikes is a deliberate choice to provide a very high-quality user experience. But it is also a choice to enable cities and operators to learn more about the users of their service. Knowing more about them means we can better meet their needs and therefore continuously improve the service and its adoption. Fifteen Analytics gives you access to key data such as average distance and time per journey, peak ridership and most active stations.

The Fifteen system is a mobility data collector, which offers us the possibility to analyse and understand usage patterns and demand. This enables us to develop our services and active mobility projects in a way that is closer to people's needs, especially in the context of rapidly changing behaviours.
Thomas Peignard,
Mobility Director - Epinal Urban Area, France
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A user-friendly interface giving access to unique cycle data

Use data to make your territory more and more cyclable 

The real added value of Fifteen Analytics lies in its ability to transform all the data generated by the service into precise and easily understandable indicators. It provides cities the decision-making keys that they lack to develop cycling. In addition to an in-depth analysis of the most frequented routes by the service's users, Fifteen Analytics allows us to go much further. In the tab dedicated to the analysis of urban development, you will have access to unique data, such as the analysis of the state of the road in areas where bicycles are used, as well as the analysis of accident-prone areas in order to allow the city services to better secure the journey of cyclists on their territory.

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