Active travel is exploding. It's time to get into the game.

Electric bike sharing technologies for operators

Fifteen enables micromobility players and leading transport operators to operate high-performance bike services with short and long-term rentals. Our end-to-end technology expertise and experience in deploying the world's largest services ensures unparalleled returns for our partners.

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Why operators choose Fifteen


From the bikes to the operating tools, all design choices are dictated by the search for the best experience for the user and the operator. It is this quality that builds user loyalty, and it shows.


Fifteen provides different levels of service to cater to every operator, whether they want to integrate bikes into their existing offer (with electric scooters, for example) or to launch a turnkey solution with fleet management tools and data analysis platforms.


Working with Fifteen is a conscious decision to partner with a company with over a decade of experience launching bike-sharing schemes. We pass on our knowledge of supply chain management, maintenance and training techniques, and even user acquisition and retention strategies.

7 Essential User Acquisition Strategies

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How operators are accelerating bike adoption with Fifteen

From a few dozen to several thousand bikes


Take every opportunity

With an electric bike for both sharing and long-term rental models, as well as an ultra-lightweight charging solution, you will provide the most complete and easily adaptable active mobility solution to solve local challenges

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Be memorable

It's not enough to operate delightful, high-performance electric bikes. Ensuring a flawless service is achievable when operating a fleet equipped with automatic fault diagnosis, connected 24/7 to our fleet management platform - Fifteen Control - or to yours.

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Build loyalty

Fifteen offers unique ways to build user loyalty at key moments in a user's lifecycle through app notifications, email campaigns and more, encouraging them to cycle further and more often.

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Measure and optimize

With Fifteen Analytics, follow Key Performance Indicators and identify concrete areas for improvement. Become a valued partner of public stakeholders by sharing visual data on the activity flow on all roads, or even an analysis of the condition of the surface roads.

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As a bike share operator and user, as well as a keen cyclist, it is my professional opinion that the Fifteen bike is, by a significant margin, the best product on the market today.

Paul Topham
Paul Topham, Managing Director of Hourbike


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