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March 21, 2023

Fifteen Control, the management centre for your bike-sharing fleet

By Fifteen
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Fifteen's bike sharing systems offer an exceptional experience and that's no accident. We develop and provide our customers with turnkey software solutions to make their service successful.

Since 2007, Fifteen has been developing some of the most widely used shared bike services in the world. They can be found in major cities such as Paris, Helsinki and Marseille, but also in medium-sized cities such as Epinal and in hybrid services such as station bikes in the Nouvelle-Acquitaine region or Augmented Bike Networks (short and long term rental from a single device) such as in Auxerre. 

All of these services would not be as successful without a software suite equipped with unique innovations to ensure a reliable service that operates at maximum capacity.

The real-time global overview of what’s happening in the field

Whether the service is operated directly as a control centre or with a certified partner, a real-time view of the fleet is essential to ensure its proper operation and maintenance. This is the starting point for our development teams to create Fifteen Control. A software that gives the service's operating teams a global and real-time view of all the bicycles in circulation and under maintenance. Among the software’s many tools, the dashboard helps operators with effective and timely decision-making. Whether it's reallocating bikes to ensure the best service at peak times at the most used stations, or organising maintenance to ensure the maximum number of bikes are available.

Features that allow you to take a step back

Fifteen Control gives operating teams an overview of their service. Its main dashboard allows real-time monitoring of the main operating metrics supporting effective management of the fleet. With real time data, operators can closely manage the fleet in order to replenish bikes in areas that need it.

The global map of the service shows all the bikes and stations deployed on an easy-to-use dashboard. The pre-configured and customisable filters help operators have the information they need to efficiently organise maintenance work. 

This mapped real-time view can also be used to precisely limit the boundaries of the service via GPS, and to set up automated reactions to notify users of incorrect use. This functionality can allow the town to delimit limited speed zones such as in small streets of a historical centre for example.

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Example of an unfiltered view of the global map of a Fifteen service

Or go into details 

Because a global overview is not enough to ensure a quality service, Fifteen Control offers access to the details of each moving piece of the operation, whether it be the bikes, the charging stations, or the payment kiosks. 
With all these elements, Fifteen Control allows many actions to be carried out remotely, such as setting up a new station, disabling a defective bike, and software updates.

It is also possible from the dedicated page to manage subscribers, on a case-by-case basis, or across the system if there is a change in pricing for example.

Fifteen Control is the perfect tool to ensure the service's maximum efficiency. The real-time map view is very useful for organising field maintenance and optimising my rounds. Thanks to all the features available in Control, I can make the right decisions quickly.
Jalil Doubaz,
Operations Manager

Maintenance made easy with self-diagnostics

Each bike and station is connected to the software environment and constantly transmits a large amount of data to Fifteen Control. The numerous sensors in the bikes prevent a large number of breakdowns since the bikes automatically report any malfunction to Fifteen Control. Real-time self-diagnosis plays a crucial role in optimising maintenance operations. Maintenance teams are warned in advance about the type of breakdown or fault enabling agents to efficiently plan to have the right tools to do maintenance in the field.

Software designed to be taken into the field

Bike-sharing operations is as much about analysis as it is about work done in the field by maintenance teams. They are the ones who travel across the network and just like the Operations Manager, they need to have the right tools to efficiently manage the entire network. To support their role, we have created a smartphone application (available on Android and iOS) for fleet management on the ground, incorporating the key features of Fifteen Control, making the interface quick and easy to use for the maintenance teams.

Our commitment to innovation and product improvement drives us to continuously enhance the tools we provide our partners. In line with this, we are excited to announce the full update of our application in spring 2023, which will transform it into Fifteen Angels - the ultimate companion for all field agents interacting with Fifteen services.

Overview of the new Fifteen Angels mobile application

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