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April 14, 2022

Why the Fusion electric bike is a game-changer for mobility operators

By Fifteen
Let’s not be coy. Whilst traditional ride-sharing is an incredibly lucrative business, the rise of subscription models have pushed operators to adapt to the market.

We’ve designed a bike, Fusion, that will make it possible for operators to serve two enormous use cases - traditional sharing and the long-term leasing services - with the same vehicle. With a vehicle that is built for both use cases, operators will be able to offer a more complete user experience whilst improving user retention.

Further down the line, they could even make it possible for users to switch between sharing services and long-term leasing in an instant.

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  1. Why should we care? - The problem with subscriptions & leasing services
  2. Introducing Fusion -  Using Fusion for traditional sharing or for leasing
  3. Combining use cases - sharing and leasing for maximum reach and ridership
  4. A dedicated long-term leasing app - a white-label app by Zoov

1. Why should we care?

Well, operators aren’t offering the right subscriptions.

Subscription models offer operators with guaranteed monthly income - like any other subscription model. The problem is that subscription models in micromobility have been hurriedly put together, rather than carefully laid out.

Micromobility subscriptions remain:

  • Unreliable. Subscribers have no guarantee of being able to pick up a functional  vehicle, near them, with enough battery to make their trip.
  • Exclusive. People on the outskirts of cities will never buy a subscription service if their house is outside of the geofencing of the service. Operators are missing out on a huge market.
  • Unsatisfying. The experience given by a fleet vehicle will always come second best to a private vehicle in comfort, personalisation and overall experience.

Other companies, such as Swapfiets, are able to offer subscribers a personal bike for a fixed monthly fee. But that comes not without its pitfalls.

Leasing services should be:

  • ‘Smart’. Users shouldn’t have to miss out on the amazing benefits that your micromobility services offer (data on your trip, loyalty points, GPS route-planning).
  • Robust. Subscribers have to lock up their vehicles or take them inside their house when they arrive at their destination. They are not built for the streets and, whilst repairs and maintenance are guaranteed, isn’t it just a whole lot easier to never have to worry about it?
  • ‘Connected’. Trip data is essential for operators to understand user behaviour and think about ways to boost stickiness and retention.

Operators need to continue doing what they do so well: offering excellent sharing services.

However, should they not also diversify their business model to attract an audience that wants unlimited and unrestricted access to a high-quality, connected vehicle?

2. Introducing Fusion

Fusion combines the best of micromobility and leasing.

zoov-rendu-RY3A5492 (2).jpeg
With an easily-detachable, electronically-locked battery, Fusion is the perfect choice for sharing. Or long-term leasing. Or both.

Fusion for traditional sharing operations

For operators looking to run sharing services, an electric bike with a unique frame and smooth riding experience will stand out in a sea of identical vehicles. Increase demand for your traditional subscriptions with a fleet vehicle that behaves like a personal bike in comfort, handling, pedal-assist and overall experience.

Fusion is:

  • Lightweight
  • Equipped with an easy-detach, electronically-locked battery for rapid battery swaps
  • Compatible with the most compact charging station in the world
  • Connected, offering advanced self-diagnosis to improve proactive maintenance
  • Available with a white-label sharing app (if required)

Fusion for long-term leasing

Fusion will allow operators to target an entirely new audience and use case. Using a bike that exists at the nexus of sharing and leasing gives you a leg up on existing subscription services:

Fusion is:

  • A truly robust, anti-theft bike - the sharing-style, theft-proof engine lock gives peace of mind to users and makes their life easier when parking
  • Controlled remotely, just like a sharing vehicle, giving subscribers a more well-rounded user experience
  • Connected, giving you access to crucial ridership data, allowing you to analyse your operations and improve the scheme

3. Combine the two for maximum reach and ridership

Any operator that wants to conquer entire cities by bridging the gap between sharing and long-term leasing can do so with one single bike. The benefits are considerable:

  • Investing in one bike that can solve multiple use cases will require significantly less capital. You don’t have to go all in straight away, but investing in a vehicle that is leasing-ready can help you stay agile and adapt your business based on demand.
  • After a subscription has ended, a user is more likely to use your shared vehicles than someone that hasn’t interacted with your brand; whilst their bike can be made public and sent back onto the streets.
  • Invaluable trip data will be collected from sharing & leased bikes, allowing you to: find solutions to improve retention and extend lifetime value; discover which areas with sufficient demand that you could extend your services to, evaluate which is more profitable - and much more.

Best of both worlds


4. A dedicated long-term leasing app

A long-term leasing service requires a very different app to a traditional sharing app.

And we have one for you, ready and waiting. As soon as you want to start a subscription scheme, we can provide you with our white-label leasing app.

Our leasing app can be tailored to your brand. Here's our app with Bloom's identity.

The app allows users to:

  • Sign up to, manage, or cancel a subscription
  • Name their bike
  • See their bike on the map
    • Lock & unlock the motor through the app
  • Plan their route with in-built GPS
  • Receive theft & low battery alerts
  • Unlock & recharge their battery
  • Access a speedometer
  • Enjoy gamification features
  • Speak to customer service

Got your own leasing app already? Perfect, we’ll pair our bikes with your app with a simple API connection.

Want to launch your leasing service with us?

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