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March 7, 2022

Smoove and Zoov become Fifteen

By Fifteen
Smoove and Zoov, who united in 2021, will give way to create Fifteen, a European leader in shared bike services.

Why Fifteen?

The name pays tribute to the 15-minute city: a city where all essential journeys can be made in under fifteen minutes, either on foot or by bike.

Fifteen is convinced that the calming and re-humanisation of our journeys - and our lives -  is achievable everywhere: in cities large and small. We also believe that it is the new generation of bike services, or Augmented Bike Networks, that will make it possible.


Fifteen raises €40 million

Having already deployed more than 50,000 bikes in France and across the world, we are accelerating our growth by raising €40m through various investors committed to social, environmental and societal ventures.

With these funds, we are gearing up to:

  • Grow the team to cope with the demand for our services and launch in cities faster.
  • Maximize our positive environmental impact by moving as much of the production of our technology to Europe.
  • Invest in innovative solutions that constantly improve the sustainability, re-usability and recyclability of our products.

What are Augmented Bike Networks?

  • They allow entire regions to be served by bike schemes, from the biggest capital cities to the smallest towns, from town center to the suburbs.
  • They allow regions to transform the implementation of a simple bike service (station-based or free-floating bike-sharing, long-term rental, tourist bicycles, etc.) into a coherent network interconnected with public transport.
  • They allow for flexible usage: Users can take a bike to complete a one-off journey, or rent one for a month or for a year: thanks to the bike’s IoT technology, any shared bike can become personal, and adapt to the needs and preferences of anyone.
  • The data collected from trips will help local decision-makers to understand the traffic flows in the area in order to adapt the network, the service offer and the infrastructure projects according to user behavior.
    Augmented Bike Networks make Fifteen’s vision possible, by reducing transport-related CO2 emissions, improving the physical and mental health of inhabitants and increasing inclusivity.

So, what’s changed?

For you: nothing!

Elected officials, mobility directors, project managers, project officers, etc.: our teams will continue to do their utmost to support your bike-sharing projects.

Looking to develop cycling in your area?

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In Bordeaux and the south of the Paris region, where we have been operating self-service electric bike services since 2019, the show goes on - still under the name ‘Zoov’.

Services will continue to run through the Zoov app, rated 4.8/5 on the App Store and Play Store. We will continue to invest in bikes that improve your daily lives, operated with passion that we had on day one.

That’s why, after bringing subscriptions into the fold, we'll now be launching more new offers - including long-term rental - in early spring (in Bordeaux first).

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