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March 28, 2023

Fifteen's Next-Generation Bike-Sharing System Wins the Public and Active Mobility Awards at Autonomy

By Fifteen
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Fifteen is revolutionising the way people travel with its innovative approach to cycling, and we're thrilled that Fifteen's Augmented Bike Networks have been acknowledged by a group of seven judges from diverse transportation and mobility backgrounds, as well as the public.

Fifteen aims to make cycling the preferred mode of transportation for everyone: from people living in bustling cities to sparsely populated regions. In this article, we reveal more about the innovative solution for towns, cities and regions which won two Autonomy innovation awards.

The winning innovation transforming active mobility

Fifteen was recently awarded the ‘Active Mobility’ Innovation Award by seven industry leaders at Autonomy, the biggest gathering of people dedicated to mobility that was held recently in Paris. The awards recognise the potential of Fifteen's new generation of ultra-compact bike stations and electric bikes designed to transform mobility. The aim of this technology is to enhance the quality of life in all areas, and we’re also excited that the public agreed with the judges too.

The next generation charging station is lighter, smarter, and more powerful than the last one. Less expensive to install, it is suitable for smaller budgets and therefore smaller cities and towns. Able to adapt the charging of the eBikes, it makes sure a functioning bike is always ready for residents and visitors. Able to make up to 40 electric bikes available on a single station it is supported with a new version of our eBike dedicated to short and long-term rental. This new hardware combination, more accessible and versatile than ever, truly embodies our vision of Augmented Bike Networks where a single technological platform is able to provide for all mobility needs. Check out our product video below to learn more.

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Voted as the top innovation by visitors to the mobility event Autonomy, this video showcases the cutting-edge technology transforming the future of bike sharing Watch on YouTube

The judges who recognised Fifteen's innovative solution for active mobility were Patrick Ayad, Global Leader Mobility and Transportation at Hogan Lovells; Dr. Stefan Carsten, futurist and urban geographer; Mihai Chirca, Head of European Affairs at Transdev; Alex Gilbert, Head of Energy & Electrification, Commercial Development at Transport for London; Yann Marteil, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Shift4Good; and Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General at POLIS Network.

Fifteen’s innovative bike-sharing system was also voted by visitors to Autonomy as their favourite innovation. With an award winning system that is designed to improve the lives of residents, we believe that all cities and regions need to consider how they encourage more people to cycle today.

The Cities & Regions who have Fifteen’s award-winning bike sharing systems

Fifteen’s bike sharing solution has already started to be deployed successfully to a wide range of towns, cities and regions. From smaller and mid-sized cities like Gijón (Spain), Epinal, Landerneau, and Montélimar (France), to cities of millions like Marseille, Fifteen’s Augmented Bike Network is transforming mobility.

In Marseille, the city replaced the previous mechanical bikes scheme with Fifteen’s 100% electric and compact charging stations which signalled a shift in how people travel around Marseille. After its launch in the middle of winter, the number of rides per day has already more than doubled.

The upcoming launches of Auxerre and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region signal an exciting step as the new generation of Augmented Bike Networks are deployed in France.

From May 2023, the Communauté d'Agglomération de l'Auxerrois will launch a bike sharing service that allows users to rent a bike for both short, and long-term use, all within the same fleet of bikes. Users will be able to rent a bike for a few minutes for a quick trip across town. Alternatively users will be able to keep a bike for themselves, renting a bike for several months.  With stations across 29 areas of the district, from the city centre to the suburbs and in more rural areas, the service will reach to everyone. 

In the summer of 2023, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and Fifteen will launch Vélo Modalis: an innovative electric bicycle rental service deployed along the train line linking Angoulême and Royan, which will combine short and medium-term (up to 24 hours) rentals.

In each of the 8 stations along the route, a station based bike sharing scheme will be available to inter-city train passengers as soon as they get off the train, to enable them to cover the last few kilometres of their journey to their final destination by bike.

Fifteen, a valued partner to cities & regions

Fifteen is well positioned to support towns, cities and regions to transform the transportation landscape with its Augmented Bike Network. A European leader in the design, manufacture, and rollout of public bike rental services, Fifteen has over 15 years of experience deploying 50,000 bikes across 30 cities and partners worldwide.

With 10 registered patents and designs, Fifteen has revolutionised the entire bike-sharing technology concept, including connected electric bikes, charging stations and software enabling both an attractive user experience and efficient fleet management. The system can be adapted to anywhere (regions, cities, medium-sized towns and sparsely populated areas), to all operating models (stations, free-floating, mixed), and to all uses (short, medium, and long-term rental, door-to-door, or intermodal transport).

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Fifteen's innovative approach towards cycling is changing the way people think about mobility and transport. With its complete bike sharing solution, Fifteen helps cities transform their transport sector: encouraging more cycling and reducing carbon emissions.

As more cities start to recognise the benefits of this approach, Fifteen aims to make cycling the preferred mode of transportation for many people around the world. We are confident that our solution can help modify mobility habits to reduce carbon emissions and offer a credible alternative to the private car. By addressing all bike sharing needs with a single solution, cities can maximise the environmental performance of their bike-sharing network and establish cycling as a fast and reliable daily transportation mode.

At, Fifteen we're thrilled to have been awarded the two awards at Autonomy which confirm our position as an industry leader as a provider of shared-bikes. It comes as real recognition and reward of the years of innovation and investment from our teams to create a complete solution which is attractive for the cities, operators and end-users. What's next? We aim to accelerate the deployment of our Augmented Bike Networks to contribute to driving a modal shift from cars to active travel.

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