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December 22, 2022

Fifteen joins the conversation on Shared Transport

By Fifteen
Fifteen was honoured to take part in two panel discussions at CoMoUK’s recent Shared Transport Conference: “The Big Thinking Tent: what we want and need to see”, and “Pounds, shillings and pence: the economics of shared transport schemes”.

The conference featured a series of conversations between industry experts and leaders sharing their experiences, insights and knowledge with a community committed to advancing active travel and decarbonising the transport sector. Discover the sessions below.

The Big Thinking Tent: what we want and need to see

Benoit Yameundjeu, CEO of Fifteen, joined the first panel dedicated to big bold ideas and spoke on transport networks missing out a key area and how bike sharing schemes can fill that gap. Quite often, transport is either focused around the very centre of a city or is designed to connect people who live much further out. Benoit spoke to the “in-between”. Cities face the challenge of how to connect people in areas of low-density, the outskirts of a city. Discover the bike network that stretches to everyone in the replay of the session.

CoMoUK Conference 2022 session 1_The Big Thinking Tent (2).png

Pounds, shillings and pence: the economics of shared transport schemes

Christopher Slade, Partnerships Manager, spoke to the economics of bike-sharing schemes and how schemes can support the country’s ambition to decrease emissions. As Chris highlights, the goal is to halve household emissions by 2030 to 4.5 tonnes. However, if we look at how many emissions are generated just from transport today, that already exceeds that goal. Decarbonising transport is key. In the session, Chris spoke to the economics of bike-sharing schemes, how cycling can encourage decarbonisation of a city's transport network, in addition to being a sound investment.

CoMoUK Conference 2022 session 7_Pounds, shillings and pence (1).png

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