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April 26, 2022

Long-term rental: Fifteen deploys the first Augmented Bike Network with Zoov and Zoov Life

By Florence Orsini
Zoov Life (a long-term rental service operated by Fifteen) complements the Zoov bike sharing service already in place in metropolitan Bordeaux.

100 “Fusion” electric bikes are available throughout the region, offering the population a means of personal transport, which complements the bike sharing service to create an Augmented Bike Network that is suitable for all uses.

Long-term rentals complement the bike sharing service for greater inclusiveness and impact

Two offerings for two complementary uses

The Zoov bike sharing service has been operating since 2019 in the area, providing 500 electric bikes in the city centre and some of Bordeaux's neighbouring municipalities. 

A per-trip pricing model is suitable for occasional users, while subscription-based pricing is intended for more regular users. 

Thanks to Zoov Life, Zoov bike services are becoming even more inclusive: people living outside the Zoov Bike Sharing coverage area can now rent a personal electric bike on a monthly basis, no strings attached.

An innovative offer designed with bike sharing in mind

This offer, aimed at individuals, costs €69/month, all inclusive, with no long-term obligations or commitments. 

The user can pick up or drop off a bike themselves, as drop-off areas are provided throughout the city, and can therefore be accessed at any time of day.

With a subscription, everything is included, from insurance to customer service (7 days a week), including assistance and bike replacement in the event of a problem.

When it comes to security, there's almost no risk of theft as the bike is permanently geo-located and equipped with a tamper-proof lock which is embedded directly in the motor.

The icing on top of the cake is that Zoov Life subscribers have an extra assurance that in the event of a flat battery or an unexpected journey, they can use Zoov electric bike sharing bikes for 100 minutes per month, for free.

5 steps to launch your bike sharing system

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The first Fifteen Augmented Bike Network 

Fifteen's ambition is to develop Augmented Bike Networks, i.e. reliable biking systems, by combining different types of services (bike sharing, long-term rentals, in-station bikes) that are interconnected with public transport and suitable for all kinds of bike use over a wider area.

In metropolitan Bordeaux, residents can freely borrow a connected electric bike for just a few minutes or up to several months via the Zoov (bike sharing) and Zoov Life (long-term rental) services, and use the service as a "one-off" or on a daily basis.

Therefore, bike sharing and long-term rentals complement each other to support users when cycling. Users can get back in the saddle with bike sharing, and then consider a more permanent change in their habits and switch to a long-term rental.

Even richer data for policymakers

Data is at the heart of Fifteen's product and commercial development strategy. The company is capitalising on this first deployment of its Augmented Bike Network to measure the additional impact that this type of offer can have on a region that is not limited to the city centre.

According to an Ademe report, 54% of long-term rental service users and 34% of bike sharing users (mechanical and electrical combined) reduce their car usage. Long-term rentals and electric bike sharing save on average 188 and 177 km of car journeys per month for each of these users respectively.

When it comes to a modal shift, who then knows what will happen when combining these two services into an integrated offer?

When it comes to the Augmented Bike Network in metropolitan Bordeaux, Zoov Life data will be added to Zoov's bike sharing data, which already represents 800 daily journeys, and thus provide valuable information on bike mobility throughout the metropolitan area: the most frequently used routes, the need to create new infrastructure, the flow of bike traffic, etc.

Through a specific study on modal shift, Fifteen measures the impact of these combined services on the use of cars and other modes of transportation in the region. 

A model within the reach of all regions thanks to Fusion

Our Fusion Bike is the foundation of the Augmented Bike Networks. 

In addition to its ability to collect data for public decision making (cycling facilities, service modifications etc.), this bike can be used for both bike sharing and long-term rental services.

This could mean that your city is able to provide extended access to active modes of transport, while limiting operational costs.

Not to mention that this all-purpose bike gives you more flexibility so you can reallocate your fleet between bike sharing and long-term rentals, depending on seasonality or the population's desire for a particular service.

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