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March 16, 2023

Autonomy: Fifteen is going to the Largest Gathering of People Dedicated to Mobility

By Fifteen
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We're excited about attending and showcasing the latest in bike sharing technology at Autonomy, the largest gathering of people dedicated to mobility.

Our team will be hosting several events, and welcoming hundreds of people to our stand to view the latest in bike sharing technology. We're also excited that this year, we've been nominated for an award. Come visit us to learn more about the future of bike-sharing throughout Europe and beyond.

Event: What is the Future for Public Funded Bike-Sharing Schemes? (English)


The traditional shared bike system is dead: the future of the shared bike lies in the combination of uses and the inclusiveness of territories. Local authorities - cities, agglomerations and regions - must take up the issue of mobility and consider the bicycle as an integral part of their public transport network.

The Augmented Bike Network deployed by Fifteen transforms an addition of shared bikes systems (self-service bikes, long-term rental bikes, tourist bikes, etc.) into a powerful lever for increasing the modal share of bikes in daily travel. They bring city centres, suburbs and sparsely populated areas into the cycling era, and cover all cycling uses (short and long term) on the same fleet and in self-service.

Join Fifteen's CEO at Agora 2, Day 1 at 10am for a visionary 15min talk and complimentary breakfast.

Event: French Communities Revolutionizing Bike Shares (French)

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Jérôme Kravetz, Directeur de Nouvelles Aquitaine Mobilités, and Thomas Peignard, Directeur des Mobilités Epinal are joining us to discuss new ways of doing bike sharing to efficiently move people around. We will discuss two new bike sharing schemes, sharing knowledge and insights from behind-the-scenes. 

Join us on Day 1 at 2:55pm at Agora 2 to learn more about the future of bike sharing already in place in Nouvelle Aquitaine and Epinal!

We've been Nominated for an Autonomy Award

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The Autonomy Mobility Innovation Awards recognises new Innovations enabling transformation in the Mobility sector. Open to all companies from all around the world, we were thrilled to have been nominated for the “Active Mobility” award.

Join us at the awards ceremony to recognise all the companies who are working to shape the future of mobility, on Day 2 from 4:45 pm to 5:30pm.

Have a look at all of the nominees on Autonomy's website, and vote for your favourite!

Visit us at D14: Discover the Latest in Bike Sharing Technology

We believe that the goals of the 15-minute city - calming, re-humanising our journeys and, indeed, our lives - are achievable in cities of all sizes, both large and small. Bike rental services reduce car use, CO2 emissions, and improve cities’ quality of life. Yet these services are still mostly available in city centres, areas which are already well served with public transport and shared mobility options. Now there is a new way of offering bikes in cities of all kinds, regardless of size or geography. We call this new technology Augmented Bike Networks.

Come and see the Fifteen team at Stand D14 to learn more about how Augmented Bike Networks are the future of bike sharing.  

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