Short term rental

An ever-expanding rural network

Launched in July 2021, the Communauté d'Agglomération d'Épinal's short-term rental service has already seen 3 extensions, and according to Mobility Director Thomas Peignard, "it's not going to stop".

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"We're proud to have made the winning bet with Vilvolt, and not to have listened to those who think that bike sharing is only for big cities. On the contrary, it's in our medium-sized towns that bike services have the greatest impact on modal shift."

Michel Heinrich
Michel Heinrich

Président of the Communauté d’Agglomération d’Épinal

The Vilvolt service serves 21 cities, some of which have fewer than 500 inhabitants. Short term rental in a rural area works! Find out how the Communauté d'Agglomération d'Épinal has built this success.






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Turnkey operational management and user relations

The Épinal Urban Area has made a strong choice to operate its service itself. The region can count on a committed supplier, and a high-performance software suite developed in-house. To access the service, users use the Vilvolt mobile application, personalized with the service's identity. To ensure the highest quality of service on a daily basis, the operations team uses the Fifteen Control management tool. Finally, to measure the success of the service and identify new areas of development for the region's cycling policy, the region's mobility teams use the Fifteen Analytics performance monitoring and urban intelligence tool.


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