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October 4, 2021

Nice & Transdev unveil their next-gen electric bikes in partnership with Fifteen

By Fifteen Orsini
450 self-service electric bikes have landed in the south! The Nice-Côte d'Azur metropolitan area has chosen Fifteen to breathe new life into its fleet of 'e-Vélobleu' bikes.

After identifying several areas for improvement with the current service, the decision was made to introduce a new fleet of electric bikes to Nice and five neighbouring communes.

e-Vélobleu enters top gear

18 months after the very first e-Vélobleu bikes landed in the streets of Nice - ten years after their mechanical counterparts (Vélobleu) - it was clear: although the population welcomed the service with open arms, the need for a more robust, secure and connected solution quickly emerged.

To accelerate the development of the e-Vélobleu, the city of Nice and Transdev - the operator of the public transport network and the self-service bike service -  decided to partner with Fifteen (previously Smoove and Zoov) to improve user experience.


Nice's new e-Vélobleu fleet is designed to offer users a best-in-class user experience. The bikes' advanced connectivity and anti-theft security (to allow secure free-floating) will offer users safe and comfortable journeys.

Just ask Landerneau or Épinal.

The experience is built on a mobile app that allows users to pick up and rent a bike at any time - available through a pay as you go model or through a subscription).

The new e-Vélobleu electric bike

  • Connectivity: Geolocation and unlocking via the e-Vélobleu application
  • Performance: Automatic electric assistance, adapted to the user’s speed
  • Safety: Disc brake and automatic fault detection

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Fifteen, Transdev and Vulog: a winning trio at the helm

Whilst Fifteen has supplied the goods, it is the experienced hands of Transdev that will manage the service (continuing their current contract). This transport operator, an expert in helping local authorities set up multimodal solutions, shares Fifteen's desire to make innovative, sustainable and inclusive travel accessible.

The work behind the scenes has been managed by Vulog. They have integrated the new fleet of intelligent bikes with the existing data platform, via an API. They are also responsible for connecting users to their bikes via the mobile app, and are also supplying all the fleet management tools necessary to manage the service.

This three-way partnership promises to provide the city with the best that the micromobility market can offer, guaranteeing an optimal service for users.

How to install a bike sharing service for your city

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A win for sustainable mobility

The last decade has shown us that shared mobility services should never cut corners on the user experience.

Fortunately, it's now possible for cities of all sizes to benefit from an efficient, personalised service that is inclusive, comfortable and safe. Fifteen's mission is to introduce a model for high-quality self-service bikes tailored to any city's needs, at accessible prices.

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