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May 30, 2022

Hourbike and Fifteen launch new partnership to revolutionise UK bike sharing

By Fifteen
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Fifteen provides bike-share schemes across the globe, including the world’s largest bike-share scheme in Paris, but also the schemes of Helsinki, Vancouver, Bordeaux, Lima and Nice. We’re now ready to provide UK towns and cities with the best technology and the best operations.

Best of both worlds

Thanks to this partnership, UK cities have a complete solution and support for deploying high-performance bike sharing systems and facilitating the modal shift from private cars to bikes. Discover our partnership.

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Hourbike : Total Bike Share service

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Hourbike’s experience in UK bike share has given them an in-depth understanding of how local authorities work, as well as their requirements and the challenges they face in setting up a successful bike share scheme.  

Hourbike offers a range of bike share options including fleet supply and maintenance, network design and installation, right through to a full operation and management service for local councils. They also supply maintenance teams to keep bike share fleets fully operational with a dedicated IT package providing fleet data and analytics on usage and local travel for authorities.

Benoît Yameundjeu, CEO of Fifteen, is delighted to be partnering with Hourbike in the UK:

We have been seeking a UK partner to develop more sustainable mobility and active transport with all the health and environmental benefits that brings.
Hourbike’s track record in the UK market together with their experience of delivering impactful schemes is a beautiful match for us. Fifteen and Hourbike are aiming to support UK cities and their elected officials in their mobility transformation, for the benefit of the lives of their inhabitants.

5 steps to launch bike sharing services in your city

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Fifteen : the french revolution

Fifteen’s growth and experience has led to the development of the ultimate shared e-bike, Fusion. This ultra-robust, easy-to-handle and lightweight bike incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as automatic power management for an easy ride without the need for gears, bike geolocation, self-diagnosis in the event of a fault, as well as an alarm and electronic anti-theft system.

Fusion is the first connected electric bike designed for both self-service and long-term rental.

The Fusion e-bikes can be recharged through the world's most compact dock which accommodates up to 10 bikes in the space of a car parking space. Neatly tessellated and locked together with electromagnets - the dock also allows for the transfer of energy from one bike to the next. 

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The Fusion electric bike is accessed via a mobile app, allowing the user to:

  • Sign up to, manage or cancel their subscription at any time
  • Locate their own bike or a nearby self-service bike
  • Unlock and lock the bike
  • Plan and follow an integrated GPS route
  • Speak to customer service, and much more

For long term leasing the app also enables the user to:

  • Unlock and recharge the battery 
  • Receive theft or low battery alerts

When operated in a fleet of shared bikes, Fusion can also be accessed via a smart transport or scheme specific card, ensuring inclusive and easy access for all users including those who may not be able to use, or have access to, a smartphone or bank card.

Paul Topham, Hourbike’s Managing Director, about Fifteen's technology :

We are thrilled to be working with the team at Fifteen; we have a powerful partnership that can revolutionise UK bike share. With Fifteen’s expertise, design excellence, build quality and unrivalled supply chain, we are scaling up Hourbike’s operational capabilities to offer the ultimate opportunity for cities and their citizens.

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