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May 25, 2023

Discover the 15MinCities Podcast

By Fifteen
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Fifteen has worked with 30+ cities to promote more cyclable cities and we're excited to bring you the "15MinCities" podcast, hosted by Jessica Jones-Langley.

Aligned with Fifteen's mission of making it easy for people to walk and cycle to all their daily needs within 15 minutes, this initiative highlights and contributes to creating healthier, happier and more cyclable cities through sharing great stories, insights and experiences. The podcast features a diverse range of experts discussing the challenges and opportunities that cities of all sizes face today. 

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Jessica Jones-Langley shares highlights of her conversations with people dedicated to creating more livable cities in the podcast 15MinCities

Discover the Podcast

Named after the “15-min-cities” concept which refers to being able to get everywhere you need by foot, bike within 15 mins, the podcast explores creating livable, sustainable, and thriving cities. 

Each episode contains highlights from insightful conversations Jessica Jones-Langley has had with industry experts and thought leaders on various topics such as urban design, transportation, community development, and more.

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Discover New Perspectives

The 15MinCities podcast is dedicated to showcasing innovative ideas, cutting-edge research, and successful case studies from around the globe. By highlighting and sharing these stories, the podcast aims to highlight good ideas that others can replicate and also to inspire the development of cities that prioritise convenience, accessibility, and well-being for all residents. 

Get just the Highlights 

Each episode of "15 Minute Cities" lasts exactly 15 minutes and covers only the best parts of the conversations. Not everything can be shared, so do make sure you’re subscribed to the 15MinCities newsletter to get more information, including invitations to the 15MinCities events.

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Dive into the 15-Minute Episodes

  • Breathing Clean Air Clean Air Zones are set to change the way we move. Furthermore, they aim to transform cities to become better, cleaner, and more accessible. Hear firsthand from experts about how these schemes came about, the challenges cities face in implementing these schemes and what the future holds.
    Many thanks to the guest speakers of this episode—Sandra Cavalieri (Climate and Clean Air Coalition), Huw Russell (Local Partnerships), & Councillor Jane Byrne (Newcastle upon Tyne).
  • Autonomy World Expo Step or cycle into the world of mobility at the Autonomy World Expo, the largest gathering of experts and innovators dedicated to shaping the future of transportation. In this 15 minute episode, we dive into the latest trends and technology on display, and hear firsthand from attendees about their work, what’s happening in their city or company, and their thoughts on the future of mobility. 
    Many thanks to the guest speakers of this episode—Ross Douglas (Autonomy), Artur Munne (Fifteen); Damian Weinzierl (P3), Sanne Van Breukelen (Cenex Nederland), Sacha Voulon-Tibboel (Chargewell), Isobel Duxfield (POLIS), Edgardo Bolio Arceo (Merida city, Mexico), Terry Albronda (Groningen), Óscar Julián Gómez Cortés (Bogota), Alex Gilbert (Transport for London) & Benoit Yameundjeu (Fifteen), & a shout-out to the Autonomy for hosting such a great event. 
  • Cycling Policy: What comes first, the cycle lane or the cyclist? Europe is home to some of the most cyclable cities in the world: 32% of people who live in Amsterdam cycle to work, 62% in Copenhagen. In this episode, Philip Amaral (ECF) talks about what’s happening in Europe to make cities more cyclable, and what cities can do today to replicate the success of Dutch cities. 
    Many thanks to Philip Amaral, who works at the European Cyclists’ Federation as the Policy & Development Director, and is the person who knows what cities can do to become more cyclable. 
  • Velo-City: The Cycling Event of the Year What is the one event which people travel from all over the world for? Velo-City. In this 15 minute episode, Jessica Jones-Langley speaks to the cities who will be hosting the cycling event of the year in the coming years, including the Deputy Mayor of Ghent who gave some advice for future host cities. 
    Many thanks to Jill Warren (European Cyclists’ Federation), Filip Watteeuw (Belgian City of Ghent), Lukasz Klos (Polish City of Gdansk) & Kirsten Pfaue (German City of Hamburg) for taking the time to talk about their cities and Velo-City during the event.
  • Building Inclusive 15MinCities How can we ensure that when creating 15MinCities and neighbourhoods, we avoid the planning mistakes we’ve made in the past? In this 15 minute episode, Jessica Jones-Langley shares highlights of a previous 15MinCities event focusing on what inclusive communities look like and what we need to consider to achieve healthier, happier and more inclusive places to live. 
    Many thanks to Christine Boston (Sustrans Cymru) and Josh James (Living Streets) for taking the time to talk about 15MinCities and neighbourhoods, and sharing their insights on building inclusive communities that encourage walking and wheeling. 
  • Cities: Local Players Addressing Global Challenges "If we don't get cities on board, we will not achieve the Paris Agreement." In this 15 minute episode, Jessica Jones-Langley shares highlights of a conversation with Lea Ranalder who is working on the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future, and believes the role of cities is fundamental to addressing climate change. 
    Many thanks to Lea Ranalder (UN Habitat) for taking the time to talk about the future of cities, the impact of climate change on urban environments, and what needs to be done to ensure we attain our climate goals.
  • The Case of Marseille Going 100% Electric With a reputation that many cities strive to not have, Marseille is a hilly city that isn’t really a biking city so it’s an unlikely place to have such great cycling success. In this 15-minute episode, Jessica Jones-Langley spoke with Stefanie and Francesco from the Fifteen team about the company’s most challenging project yet—which when implemented, also helped to triple bike-sharing trips within 3 months. 
    Many thanks to Francesco Cusimano and Stefanie Journel (Fifteen) for taking the time to talk to me about the exciting project at Fifteen that the company can’t stop talking about.
  • Carla Francome, a campaigner/activist and very public proponent of 15MinCities (just check out her Twitter!), shares the best advice she ever received. As vocal supporters of projects that facilitate safer cycling and walking (such as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) the episode lifts the lid on what happens behind the scenes. This 15 minute episode is perfect for anyone who is interested in projects that encourage active travel, and healthier, happier and safer communities.
    Many thanks to Carla Francome for taking the time to share her experience and also sharing the valuable advice. Relevant for any person that is curious about active travel projects, or perhaps is living in a city where one is coming in, this episode is not to be missed!
  • Continuing the conversation from the last episode, "S" (who wishes to remain anonymous) joins Carla Francome to talk about their experience being a supporter of a Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme. Listen to this 15 minute episode to get an in-depth understanding of what goes on behind-the-scenes of projects that encourage active travel and healthier, happier, and safer communities.
    Many thanks to S for sharing their experiences of being a supporter of a Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme, I'm sure many people living in areas with similar schemes, especially ones that are upcoming, will find this conversation very insightful.
  • You may have seen some animated videos about city projects and thought, ‘that looks like science fiction, and perhaps even laughed at the scale or absurdity of the project’. ‘The Line’ in Saudi Arabia is a recent example aiming for zero emissions, low carbon, and being car-free. But what can cities learn from these projects? In this 15-minute episode, mobility expert Augustin Friedel shares how cities can benefit from the experience, knowledge and thinking of these aspirational projects.
    Many thanks to Augustin for sharing his insights, feel free to follow him on LinkedIn for up-to-date insights about the industry.

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