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November 15, 2022

Inurba Mobility and Fifteen, Gijón's partners in the deployment of a new bike-sharing service

By Fifteen
In order to continue increasing the modal share of cycling in daily travel in Gijón, the most populated city in Asturias has chosen the expertise of Inurba Mobility and Fifteen to deploy 250 electric bikes in 47 stations.

250 shared electric bikes

Inurba Mobility, Spanish specialist in the running of self-service bike sharing services on behalf of local authorities, will be entrusted with the installation and operational management of the network. 

E-bikes, charging stations, software interfaces, and technical support will be provided by Fifteen.

To develop the practice of cycling daily and with as many people as possible, the new fleet of self-service bicycles will be 100% electric and composed of:

  • 250 bikes (compared to 64 currently, or 4 times more)
  • spread over 47 stations (against 8 currently, or 6 times more).

The new service is scheduled to launch in spring 2023, and bikes will be available 18 hours a day, from 6 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week.

Ambitious choices for inclusive service

The bike proposed by INURBA MOBILITY to equip the new service is the Fusion model from Fifteen

  • A maneuverable and light bike, 
  • A range of up to 65 km,
  • Equipped with an automatic torque sensor that avoids shifting gears and simplifies the user experience.

The service will be accessible from the mobile application. Available in Spanish, English, and Asturian, it allows the geolocation of the bike, GPS guidance, and the choice of the level of assistance.

Innovative bikes for optimal service availability

To meet the operational requirements of this network, various technologies are made available to the operator:

  • To optimize reallocation routes, the operator will benefit from a tool to predict demand in the various stations of the network.
  • To facilitate fleet maintenance, the bike is equipped with onboard software and hardware self-diagnosis system.
  • To preserve the service of incivility, the bicycles are secured in tamper-proof stations and are equipped with an alarm, a motor lock, and a system of geolocation.

Valuable data to boost cycling

Thanks to the sensors on board the bike, the municipality of Gijón will have access to tools for mapping trips and monitoring service use.

Indicators such as 

  • the average travel speed, 
  • the average stopping time per kilometer, 
  • the vibrations absorbed by the bike throughout its journey

make it possible to measure the cyclability in each area of the territory. 

The combined analysis of this data will be a powerful tool for improvement and decision support.

For Inurba Mobility, Jordi Cabañas, CEO of Inurba Mobility:

"We are particularly pleased that the City of Gijón has chosen us as partners for such a strategic project that will undoubtedly have a positive influence on the quality of life of its citizens and contribute to their daily commute as a necessary, sustainable, and accessible complement to the public transport already present in the city.

For Fifteen, Benoit Yameundjeu, CEO of Fifteen:

Gijón is very ambitious by opting for a fleet 4 times larger than the existing one, and especially 100% electric. We are delighted that our bikes, stations, and software will benefit a Spanish city for the first time.

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